How to Play This Fun Political Game!

Click the box of the party that you would like to play as.

To aim move the mouse left or right within the game field.

To throw, simply hold your left mouse button down and release. The longer you hold the left button down, the more power you will get. More power allows you to make longer throws.

If you play as a Republican the object of the game is to hit as many Democrats with tomatoes as possible. If you play as a Democrat, try to hit as many Republicans as possible.

Tomatoes Pelt Presidential Candidates

      Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama and other presidential candidates are now prime targets to be pelted with tomatoes. Now you can hurl a tomato at your favorite political pundit and score a direct hit for the Republicans or the Democrats. lets you splatter politicians like John Edwards, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney, and political commentators like Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, Bill O”Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh!

       Pelt the Pundit creator Joe Butler says the game is an equal opportunity offender. “ Each pundit that pops up has a few notable comments. Like Hillary Clinton who says ‘vote for me, I’m the only candidate with hot flashes’, or Mike Huckabee saying ‘I may not be an expert on foreign policy, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.’"

        The object of the game is simple. Playing as a Republican you try to splatter as many Democrats with tomatoes as possible and vice versa. Pelt the Pundits has added many new comments and pundits and includes some old favorite targets like George Bush, Ted Kennedy, New Gingrich, Al Gore, Condi Rice, Colin Powell and even Dan Rather.“You have at least a peck of tomatoes to pitch at the pundits,” says Butler, “and it’s a much cleaner way to take out your frustrations on political pundits than throwing real tomatoes at your television while watching CNN or FOX News.”

         With the Whitehouse as a backdrop, gives players a chance to really get ‘in the face’ of DC’s power players without fear of being grabbed by the Secret Service.

         The time to play is ripe and so are the tomatoes! Check out the game at . The game is the property of Mid Ten Media which also owns ,, and To reach MidTen Media, Call 1-615-264-4747.



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